Monday, April 25, 2016

So what is that 'Thingy' on there....

Service with a Smile~ Always

 There is nothing like owning your own business. It is the most rewarding and awesome feeling, yet at the same time, it can be so stressful and demanding it nearly sucks the life right out of you.  Diamond K Folk Art is me. There is no one else to rely on to make dolls or do my embroidery or one else to blame if something goes when I cut the tip of my finger off last week. (no worries~ its all GOOD).  I love my 'job'. My family could say something else I'm sure... I work from the second my eyes open in the morning, until well after they go to bed, each and every day. To me my job isnt 'work'~ its my life, its what I love to its what I want to do, all day and night long, every day of the week! It is stressful tho, having to depend on making something someone else wants to buy. I know how hard I work for my money, and I know others work just as hard and harder for theirs, so when they choose to buy something from me, I really do appreciate it in every way possible.  One little way of saying thankyou for me, is to include a little smile with each and every order~ no matter if its for something for 10.00 or 100.00.  Each and every Diamond K Folk Art purchase gets wrapped in my signature paper and string, with a little mache ornament tied on...sometimes Ill stick candy in there...but most of the time, you will get a little ornament~ and hopefully the surprise will make you smile, cause its really me smiling back at you saying "thankyou for your order"~
  I make each and every one of my smiles~ the most common are mache ornaments like these~ hand pressed from mache out of antique or reproduction springerle cookie molds. You can keep them, some put them on their Christmas tree...or you can pass your smile on to someone else. Alot of my customers collect them, and being a bit OCD like I am, I do keep track of just which ones I put one very order, so hopefully you will never get the same one twice :)
 After pressing and drying, little smiles look rather bland, so the backgrounds get carefully painted with watercolours and then varnished. Theyre pretty sturdy little buggers, but still, dont let your wee ones or furbabies eat them! The mache and watercolours are non toxic, but the varnish isnt!

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Anonymous said...

I recently received my first package from you - it was just like opening a beautiful present. Such a joy. I just "knew" you would have made the ornament. It will find its home eventually in my casket hopefully along side other treasures.
Thank you Rachael!