Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flemish Fantasy Kits Shipping this week!

I have been packing kits all week, and will begin shipping them out tomorrow. Thankyou all so very much, I have been overwhelmed with the response for my new line of kits!  I have personally packed each and every one~ checked, rechecked and checked again to make sure they are all perfectly complete

  I  kept the instructions to a user friendly 22 illustrated pages, with another 3 page packet of keys.  Of coarse, if anyone ever has any questions, as noted in each kit, you may get in touch with me anytime with questions.

  Each item placed in each kit carefully with love and intent~ for a most pleasurable stitching experience!
 I'm really excited about this new line, and already have started on next years special ornament.....ten times more fantabulous than this years!   If you havent got your kit yet, they are still available on my blog page~ they will be available only this year, 2016, or until I run out, which ever comes first ;)


Barbara Brown said...

Ooooooh, looks like a little box of FUN! :-)
LY, Mom

Janice Gail said...

Ooooo,I can't WAIT!!!! Thanks for all the prep work, Rachael!