Wednesday, February 24, 2016

on eBay this week!

One of a Kind Strawberry & Distlefink Thread Palette

  If a stove has four burners on the top... or six or matter, I got them all going right now!  To say I am currently running in overdrive would be an understatement.  My focus for this past month has been to get my model for my new Flemish ornament kit finished....cant offer a kit with no model!!!! I have it 'just' about finished....along with my slate frame orders.....then there are the 6 dollys currently on the table...some a little more cheeky than the others....and then...well....the elephant. I thought I would have more time to finish my elephant.....what elephant you say????  The elephant! So many of you know I will be teaching a 4 day workshop at the 2017 Bath Textile Summer School~ what will I be teaching...well...that is the elephant! Turns out the pamphlets will be printed in April, so I have to have elephant finished by end of March!  She is coming along nicely, and I am really really really excited to show her to everyone...but not yet! Not till she's finished...and to get her finished by end of march I am definitely burning the candle at both ends....and in the middle! Pray the bead Gods will be kind to me and Ill not spent too many hours hunched up on the floor, with my nose to the ground, picking up spilt beads!!!  Oh ya...I am hooking a rug too....(what am I crazy???)  So all of this and I still have to make my car payment, so if you like the palette above, go check it out on eBay! You can see it here... or click the link to my eBay auctions on the right.
    This palette is really special to me~ youll see why if you read the auction~ Im off to go stab some beads!

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