Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Earlye Summer Dayes

 We have had nearly a whole years worth of rain in the Month of May this year~ and its showing, everything is so green...well, for around here anyway! You can see the children have their tents up in the front yard just beyond the hive in the foreground. We moved this one last month from a bit up on the hill to keep a closer eye on it~ not so easy for bears to get at right there.

 67! There are 67 blooms on just this one peony!!!!  Cant believe it~ ohh its going to be so beautiful. All is a bit late this year, we had snow on Memorial Day!
  I've been working on some really fantabulous thread palettes, and the weather has been so beautiful that I have moved my work table outside nearly this entire week
 I have lots of helpers~  little Biscuit zooms around 100 miles an hour the entire time. Mr Otis came over to say hello....dont think I have ever put a picture of him on the blog, my sweet gingy
  And as well, Bubble (our male mallard) keep me company in the pond all day~ but not Squeek~ as you can see, she has business of her own. We got them both so many years ago~ they are my 'old geezer' ducks, and around here, that is in the most affectionate terms~ we have had them 12 years now! I have never let her sit on a clutch, but this year, she gave me those 'eyes', and I thought, why not~ let her have her fun. So here she sits, all day, with a quick trip out to the pond each evening to visit her beloved
 She went for her swim a little early today so I snuck this picture.  She covers them up when she leaves~ theres 11 eggs....maybe 12, its hard to be sure, I dont like to touch them when shes sitting. Will be fun to see if she will actually hatch any, shes got around 20~22 more days to go


Barbara Brown said...

Oh my ducks!!! How are you going to keep the cats from having duck a l'orange (a l'orange, in this case, meaning "little orangey ducks")? It's been raining every day this last week here. But supposed to be up over 90 by Saturday...guess what's going in the windows tomorrow? :-)
LY, Mom

Unknown said...

Looks like there's plenty a-multiplying at your place ~ how nice to be able to create away outdoors ~ been raining here too loads but not at all warm down here of course ~ bears coming after beehives, sounds most scary to someone who lives in a country where no other creature can harm you ~ xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I have ducks and cats and my ducks have a flock of ducklings every year and I've never seen a mother duckling let a cat anywhere near her ducklings. Cats keep a respectable distance.