Sunday, June 14, 2015

Butterflies Everywhere!

Rose & Butterfly Palette on eBay this week!

  My next thread palette is the set above~ I really like how this one came out~ I know I always say that, but I really did enjoy this one! The weather has been so wonderful, I could still paint outside (notice I said, could ~ the mosquitoes have hatched now and I have had to move back inside!)
  Emma sat out with me and worked on her landscape painting with Grandma Dixie....shes getting so old and grey, but still thinks shes the biggest dog in the land!
  On the very outside edge of this palette I inked a few lines from one of my favorite Norfolk samplers done by Mary Southgate, 1806~
 "Pray let the needle claim some little share~ With shades of silkes to copy nature faire"

  There were several butterflies that flittered by while we were painting...along with a zillion little green caterpillars that kept dropping out of the tree above us.....note to self...not good to paint under a box elder tree early in the morning.... anyway~ this fellow was like a B52 bomber compared to the others~ he came somewhat crashing through and landed in the driveway...maybe a bird tried to eat him? He was quite exhausted and let Emma hold him for a bit, and when he had caught his breath, off he zoomed.

I do love butterflies~ and of coarse I could not just paint one on the palette, I had to make three different thread winders to go with! Love love love love them, so much so I could not bring myself to paint one side only, so they are painted on the backs as well! If you would like to see them or are interested in purchasing, you can see them here on eBay this week.


Unknown said...

Oh, Rachael! The butterflies are the best yet!

Unknown said...

Second that Janice although I am pretty partial to that 'squirl' ~ Rae