Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Worke of Thy Hands

Early 19th c School Girl  Art Inspired Thread Palettes & Winders
  I have always loved the quaint theorems and folk art done by young girls in the early 19th c~ the pieces have such character, and are both simple and very complex at the same time. It is indeed very challenging to capture the simple primitive nature of such art, but in loving it so, I am trying to do my best to draw from  my inner 'School Girl' spirit. I also love to work wood, and when I laid eyes on a certain figured maple board, I literally saw thread palettes and winders!  Its such a gorgeous piece of wood, I cant wait to show you the finished pieces I have been able to make from it.  I have spent the past few weeks cutting them out and sanding them, all by hand, until they are as smooth as a little wee babe's skin. Since we keep bees here on our little place, my first set is designed to honor them ~ I have named it  'Model of Industry' . Not only are bees a Model of Industry, but I believe so are our hearts & hands~ for when they are put together, great things can happen!  Each set will consist of a thread pallette, and three special themed thread winders~ so until then~ 'Whatever Thy Hands Findeth To Do, Do  It With All Thy Might'

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