Friday, May 29, 2015

Early School Girl Art Inspired Thread Winders~

   Slowly Progressing...
I'm not quite as quick or industrious as a bee, but they are slowly coming along.....the honeycomb is my favorite of the thread winders! I am thinking I will put this set on eBay when I get the thread palette finished, since I just draw and paint freehand, each set I make will be a little different....havent made up my mind yet :)   
 I really love painting with the watercolours. I can paint as transparent as I like to be sure the gorgeous grain of the wood shows thru. Am working on my skep today, I hope it comes out as pretty, but very slow..... paint a little, let dry, paint a little, let dry~ there is no artificial blow drier treatments between colours here!

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Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

Now ~ "I WANT' even more ~ is that even possible ~ xoxoxo