Thursday, November 06, 2014

hints of Fertility in Glass....

Storks & Ibis & a wee little nest of eggs....

 I am not a bird expert, so cannot say for certainty the exact type of birds these are~ but their long bills and legs look like a type of Ibis.... whatever they are, I LOVE them! They are so graceful, so perfectly proportioned and artfully posed
Amazingly, their wings alone are sculpted from three different types of glass that shade from clear to opaque white to pink.
I love this set~ so whimsical! These two beauties are most definitely Ciconiiformes...but which ones???  Tall wading birds~ perhaps a type of early stork, tho I have not seen a stork with such long top knot~
They are so fluid and so fragile! I am still in awe they traveled thru the mail and did not arrive in a zillion tiny pieces.
These two have so much character~ the one looks as tho it is about to take flight
As much as I love the other two, this one is my favorite I think~ the second anyone, including myself, sees the nest of eggs, they gasp in delight.
Here is a closeup of the nest with three precious little eggs within~ you can also see the gorgeous colors of the bird.  There are at least nine different colors of glass in this piece,  5 of which are in the bird. There is clear, opaque white, & opaque pink for the body, opaque dark brown for the beak and eye, and a ring of golden orange around the eye. Transparent green for the foliage, a transparent and opaque pinks for the roses, and transparent light brown for the nest.

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