Friday, September 12, 2014

My Witches in Autumn 2014 Prims Issue

At your Favorite Bookstore Now!

  I am so honored to be included in the current issue of Prims Magazine, out now in your favorite bookstore!
 The Haagar Sifsters will entertain you with a four page article toward the back~  and when your all Hallowe'end out, there are plenty of frostys and Santas to get your minds churning away for Christmas...which at the rate things are going for me, will be tomorrow!!
 I am getting alot of emails for Halloweenies, which if you have something very particular in mind, I am always happy to entertain custom orders, which lately have been taking up the bulk of my time~ but I am working on a few special witchy~poos and a Grande Punkin Eater that will be offered soon ~ so keep checking back, they're on their way!

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