Thursday, September 04, 2014

Exciting! Possible Padded Mirror Case Panel Found!

Beaded of Coarse!

    SO very exciting for me to have found another possible padded mirror case panel~ why so exciting you ask??? Because it is the only panel that I have found, other than Martha Edlin's, that is not worked in the Bethrothal Scene! It actually looks as tho it was never finished~ the actual lid is finished, as well as the North and South borders~ but the East & West have been patched in and are worked in silk thread and not beads. Or it could have been taken from a deteriorated case and framed later, without close examination it is impossible to tell. The dimensions are nearly the same as the other mirror cases I have studied. I stumbled across the photo in a cached section of Christies website the other night, and was not able to track it back to an actual auction listing, so have no idea when it was sold, but I'm still working on it.

Of the six known padded mirror cases, 5 of them bear the Bethrothal Scene. The Miadstone Museum in Kent holds two~ an actual padded mirror case, and a worked panel that has been framed, shown above. 

I'm positive that if I keep looking, I will find a padded mirror case one day that is worked in regular stumpwork and not beaded

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Anonymous said...

Wait till I make mine-then there will be a stumpwork one!