Monday, June 02, 2014

Time is Flying By As Usual...

If I blink...I just might miss it!
  Wow~ what a start to the summer! I can't believe my baby is all graduated...when did they all get so big?  We are so proud of our girl~ and I can now relax that she is home from Hawaii for a day! YES~ just a day, then off to the west coast beaches and up to Washington with my parents for a month. I don't know about Tressa, but I'm poop tucker'd already.  Things will settle down soon, and I will have more dollys to offer for those who keep gently, kindly asking ;)
 Work is progressing nicely on my padded mirror case as well, as you can see! I am working on the lid currently~ if you would be interested in making up your own, in beadwork or stumpwork, you can find out all about them in the Diamond K Folk Art Shop~ just click on the link to the right.  I am now also making some of my tiniest antique beads available to those in the class~ you don't know all the f-u-n your missing! (enter huge smile here!)
 I hope Summer is treating all of you well~ don't forget to slow down and enjoy it, if we blink, we just may miss it!

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