Sunday, June 08, 2014

Strange Weather & 17th c Beadwork.....

  I had set aside today to take photographs of an original, wonderful early 17th c beaded basket to share with you all...but I guess Mother Nature was in disagreement. The light was not good, and besides the tornado warning we are currently in, she is throwing stones. Bad form ol girl, ruining my plans!   The above are just a sample of some of the hails I picked up from in front of my doorstep, one dare not go outside when the stones are this large...which we dont have here very often. The tornado that touched down in Trinidad on Thursday was just an f-1, winds over 110 mph, but was on the ground, according to the news on the tele, for over an hour!  I am not liking the strange weather we are having...but I guess, if I was forced to pick, I'd rather have hail and rain, than forest fires.
So until the weather cooperates, and I get another free day, here is a lil peek at my beaded basket, a large boat form basket with frame wrapped in silk and silver tapes~ I can't wait to share it with you in more detail!

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Anonymous said...

eek! That is some hail you have there! I certainly hope the weather calms down soon for you. And that basket tease...I really, really want to see the whole thing now. Elisabeth in CT