Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hand Marbled Papers & Silk Linings....

What to Choose?

   Decisions! Decisions!   I have been trying to decide what paper to pair with what silk for the lining of my padded mirror case~ I have so many favorites its just so hard to choose one combination!  I thought I would share some of my favorites here on the blog~ some that I really liked but didn't make my final cut! This first one I think will most likely be the lining of choice for my double casket, I just love love love the pink silk taffeta and coral silk velvet along with this paper~ the little bubbles are lined in gold flake so will have to use the gold stamped edging paper instead of the silver I had planed on using...which is probably a good thing. I have a bad habit of sticking to things I like and not wanting to try anything new~ if we go out to eat..I always order the same thing~ they don't even give me a menu anymore!  Same for metal laces and trims, I always prefer silver over gold for some reason...so using this pink paper will force me to try something new!
   Now here is a close second favorite~ I adore this green silk taffeta and just HAVE to use it on something! This scrap I have left from a doll dress, but it should be enough to line a something....or pad a something... or make a pincushion for something....just don't know what yet!  The paper its laying on has so many wonderful colors, I really like the green with the yellow...and I really like the green with the rust orange in the bottom left hand corner~ when I am purchasing hand made marbled papers, I always choose the largest paper they can provide, it makes for so many more possibilities and 'fussy cuts' all out of one sheet with the same color values
  Pictured here is the wode blue taffeta and velvet available in Tricia's shop~ I love it with these very 'un~blue' colors!  Don't think that because you have one color of silk that you need to look for a paper in that same color family~ opposites do attract and can look so stunning together!
I just had to include this last paper cause I love it so much~ the scale is way too big for my case or a casket...but perhaps it could make its way to the lining of a casket case? Who knows! I thought you would enjoy seeing it tho~ and as for what I actually picked to use for my lining...well I'm keeping it a secret cause its a color I don't think I EVER would have picked if it wasn't sitting right in front of my nose already! I'll be sharing it soon~

 Here is the link to the Thistle Threads silk selections here if you are interested~ marvelous 17th c period correct colors~ just yummy!

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