Thursday, March 06, 2014

Growing Foxgloves

  Don't Get Overwhelmed here....
   Remember~ baby steps lead to a finished pile of puzzle pieces!
 I am not going to go thru how I made each and every panel, but picked a favorite to show you the steps of how my foxgloves grew from spindly little wires and 'seed' beads (he he)...into lovely flowers.  The photo above shows all the pieces needed for this single panel. The wires were bent to shape and each numbered to correspond with the same part of my drawn pattern.
  The floral wire will become the base of the foxglove, and the bare wire will shape the bell of the flower.
  The base , or back of the flower, was worked first, then the bell wire laid on
  I first bent it to shape and after proper placement, cut off the excess wire and whipped the wire to the base with my thread
 Starting from the petal edge, beads are worked in an arc above the flower base down to the stem end. Leave the thread tails long so they may be wrapped several times around the stem to secure
   Next worked then attached were the little flower caps
   To the right are finished foxgloves bent to their final shape, and to the left, a set after wrapping all the tail ends in silk~ it makes them look so nice and tidy!
  As I worked each panel, I laid them on my paper pattern to get an idea of how they looked and to make sure they would fit.  After I took their picture, each pile of pieces went into its own little bag labeled with the panel number to wait to be assembled at the same time after all the panels were finished.

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Barbara Brown said...

Your Dad's comment, "OH My G--!!"
I think I have to agree with him!!
LY, Mom