Thursday, February 13, 2014

Utterly Overwhelmed & Honored

And a Contest!

  My basket won Grande Prize in the contest, and was revealed yesterday on the Thistle Threads blog~ you can go and read about it and the other wonderful winners here .
  I am so thrilled and so honored and just down right overwhelmed at the response it has gotten~ thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails 

 I have kept exact count of each and every bead, and every minute of work that has gone into the making, and thought it would be wonderful to have a little game of fun~ like guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar~ only now, Lamora of Access Commodities  has donated wonderful new embroidery threads for the prizes~ so follow the link above and send Tricia an email~ (dont send them to ME~ they wont count!!) and try and guess how many beads you think there are...or how many hours and minutes of work it took to complete!
 I have also added special order miniature sculpted figures for Stumpwork over on the Diamond K Folk Art Shoppe blog for those of you who have emailed me and asked for them~  


Barbara Brown said...

Everyone should go look at the link you supplied because the close ups of your basket are AWESOME!!!! Let's face it.....your Basket is AWESOME!!! So proud we are of you!!
LY, Mom

Alena Sinelnik said...

Just amazing!!!! Great work !!!

Julie said...

HI Rachel, your basket is Spectacular. If you ever decide to teach a class on making these. I will be the first to sign up. AMAZING!!!!!!!!