Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Little Test

Watercolor & Ink on Maple

  My little scrap doodle test for my thread palettes was successful I think. (this is why I never throw out even the smallest scraps!) I finally came up with a good ink/varnish combination~ so many varnishes are not compatible with many inks that are sold as waterproof and fade proof are not even close to being such. I'm really excited to get started~ I may have to paint a set with a little squirrel ~ this little one was just a quick draw,  after a 17thc emblem engraving as inspiration...loved him sailing across the water on a bit of bark!


Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

I want, I want, I want ! Your boundless talent never ceases to amaze me ~ xoxoxo

Janice Gail said...

Me too!!!!