Monday, June 02, 2008

Surgery #3 today...........

What a day. How is it waiting can take up so much energy? I got to the hospital at 7am this morning, and just got home at about 8.50pm. Tressa was on a no food or fluids order since midnight last, so I knew she would be having surgery today....just didnt know when. Dr came in at about 7.30 and said her leg looked good, he would do the skin graft today~ woo hoo! So we sat and waited. And the nurse came in and brought Tressa BREAKFAST........of which I said~ hey~ shes NOT supposed to HAVE that~ and I got a reply of oh???? Then about 10 minutes later, the aide came in and gave Tress which I said again~ NO......... but was really thinking~ "HELLO ANY of you actually READ the charts?????????" At 11 they asked if she would like a noon they DIDNT bring her lunch...but managed to come in 2 times and ask for her tray and if she ate everything......tried to give her a snak again at 2.30.............then more water...........then at 4 they were so 'kind' to come and bring her a menu, and ask her to fill out what she wanted to eat tomorrow. :::sigh:::
She finally got her surgery at 4.27, and out at 6pm. We were back in her room at 6.40. She is so very pale after this one, not like the last 2. But Dr said all went well, they took the skin graft from the side of her hip, so it would be under her drawers and not visible even in a swim suit, so I thought that was extra compassionate and thoughtful of him, as he had talked about taking it from her upper leg. The most important thing now is NO MOVING. This should be interesting. She is on strict bedrest, and is allowed up only to use the bathroom, and she must use crutches so her foot doesnt hit the floor. That will make her muscle move, and could cause the graft not to adhere~ so instead of sticking and growing, it would just dry up and fall off. All I need is more anxiety. Something new to worry about. now we get to play the waiting game again. Dr said this bandage will go untouched for at least 4-5 days, so until then we will fill her room with positive healing thoughts for her new skin to STICK STICK STICK!
Thankyou all so very much for your emails and prayers and thoughts~ xoxoxo rachael


Cyndi said...

Rachael, thank you so much for the update. Hang in there, kiddo. Life IS going to get better and simpler soon.

I'm glad the skin graft hurdle is behind least the surgical part. I'm glad her leg was looking good enough to proceed to the skin graft! This is very good news!

You've all come so far towards healing Tressa's leg, Rach. It must seem like you've been hanging out at the hospital, torn between your children, forever. I'm hoping this will all be behind you soon. Did the doctor say how long she'll have to stay in the hospital past the next five days? I'm sure they want to ensure the graft is taking, but maybe Tressa can go home soon, sweetie.

I sent a package to cheer Tressa up. It should arrive late Thursday and no signature is needed so they can just drop it off on your porch.

How are your other babies handling this? I'm thinking of them too. It must be tough for them to "play second fiddle" and to share your time and energies to this extreme extent. Everyone must be feeling needy. You, included, my dear friend. You definitely need some down time...the summer to come. Soon, Rachael, all will be well.


Dixie Redmond said...

Rachael - I am praying for bacteria to be gone and for skin to be sticking just where it's supposed to. I'm praying for Tressa, too, and all the others in your family. Good healing thoughts and prayers coming your way -