Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Out for a WALK today!

We are doing pretty good today! Tressa's 'wound' was quite shocking to see in person, even knowing what to expect....but we all are good with it. She was very upset this morning when she caught a glimpse of it, and frightened, but we had some long talks and I honestly think she is A.O.K. with it now. I told her Id much rather have her with a hole in her leg, than not have her at all~ and as long as it heals with NO more infection, Ill TAKE IT! She does literally have a hole there, muscle exposed, but as soon as it starts to granulate, we will get some skin on it and GET TO COME HOME! She has no feeling there, so at least it isn't hurting her anymore. She has been released from her in bed restriction and today we got her up and out of bed for a walk and short trips OUTSIDE~ which really made her happy. Shes just on Unasyn & Primaxin now, and gets unhooked from her IV machine in between doses so shes much free~er now. The section of her leg they took out was sent to pathology, I would REALLY like to know what the infection was, but as long as its G*O*N*E*, I can honestly say I really don't care. I am not holding my breath, there seems to be so many 'new' illnesses and germs these days, it gets too scary for me to think about.

THANKYOU all so very much for the emails and cards ~ I cannot adequately express my gratitude to everyone for caring so much. Hopefully I can return the favor some day to each and every one of you


maminkagirl said...


I have read your blog in the past because I am a dollmaker but I thought I would send you my thoughts on your beautiful little girl. I will be thinking good thoughts for you and hope for healing. It must be just awful to feel so helpless when it comes to your child. I have a thirteen
year old daughter and can't imagine having her go through this. I hope the doctors find a solution for you. Keep up your spirits and I hope to see your little girl up and about soon!


Homespun Heart Primitives said...

Tessa looks like she is doing better. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Rachael~~I'm so sorry to hear all that is going on with Tressa!! I will be praying for all of you. I'm so happy they got all of the infection out and will pray that she starts to heal and does so fast!! Hugs to you!! ~Jackie