Friday, May 14, 2021


 Tea & Stitches~

Its such a pleasant morning this morning. Its sunny, but not blazing. No wind. My lilacs are blooming. There are so many birds out, ones we dont usually see here in southern Colorado. They sound so pretty...the red wing blackbirds are my favorite ones to listen to. Its just a perfect time to sit and have a pot of tea (I never have just a cup). In my pot today is Morroccan Sahara from TWG. Its one of my favorite teas ~I bought this particular can at Harrods in London a few years ago so only have it on special days when Im not stressing out or in a hurry. This morning is a tea drinking day. Me and Punkin just sitting watching the birds out the window.

And what else goes perfectly with quiet and tea????...stitching of coarse! One of my dear friends and customers sent me an email this week sharing her finished stumpwork embroidery panel for the top of her Harmony Casket.

There are two versions of Harmony available to stitch for the Thistle Threads class. One holds a lute, one sits and is stitching at a slate frame, and I have drawn a third of a Ladye sitting making bobbin lace on a pillow.  H purchased one of my Lute Ladye figures and what an honor for me to have one of my girls be the center of her beautiful skilled embroidery. Do click the picture to make it larger.
It was common for 17th c stumpwork embroidery to have figures made from carved wood or ivory as an alternative for those who did not wish to stitch them out of silk. I can sculpt any figure to the pattern for a perfect fit for your embroidery. Figures for certain popular patterns can be purchased in my ETSY store. I can also make custom figures for your own unique embroidery pattern. If interested just shoot me an email to or send me a convo on ETSY. I sculpt each of my figures from papier mache one at a time, so no two are ever alike.  I am so proud of H~ she has carefully set her girls hands up against her lute so perfectly, one can nearly hear the sound of it as she plucks the strings.


Barbara Brown said...

Sunny mornings, tea and birds just go together!! I've got several "flavors" of Tiesta Tea that you can try when you come home for a visit!! Hopefully we'll have the sun, too and birds are no lots of those. The lady's stitching turned out so pretty!! Was that from one of your classes? Ly, Mom

Janice Gail said...

Just saw this posting (sorry, I can’t see anything right now) and wanted to say that red winged blackbirds are one of my favorites, too. It’s so cold here that they haven’t shown up yet. Keep sipping that tea and keep coming up with those gorgeous designs.