Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday &

The Cristal Baschet

How many of you have heard of a Cristal Baschet? It's a fabulous water and glass instrument~ for me, in the same family as the Glass Armonica, or Hydrocrystalophone invented by Benjamin Franklin in the 1760s. The cristal Baschet is not that old tho, it was invented in the 1950s by the Baschet brothers in France. Glass rods are stroked with wet fingers to produce deep rich vibrating tones. I hope you all have a Blessed Easter, and enjoy this beautiful video~ one of my favorite French composers, Erik Satie, on an amazing French Cristal Baschet.


Barbara Brown said...

So cool! Reminds me of the crystal wine glass around the rim music people play, (don't you love my description??) except instead of having a million people rubbing glass rims, one or two people can do this! Have a Happy Easter, Honey! Hug everybody for us. Love you, Mom and Dad


Really beautiful - Thank you so much for sharing this and showing us a new sound and way of beauty.