Wednesday, March 21, 2018

For Ye Visual Types......

Making Linen by Hand~
Some years ago I posted here about the long process of making linen. The other day I ran across the following video from the Monreagh Heritage & Education Centre at Carrigans Village, County Donegal in Ireland and thought all you folks would enjoy a visual to go along with my description~ because there are some things, that words just cannot express. There are a couple of differing terms in the video~ ie, what they refer to as  'Crimping', I refer to as 'Braking',  and their 'Brushing',  I refer to as ''Combing'~ but other than that, its all the same description of a long, skilled, magical  process.

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Thank you!!! What a great video - and when you go to YouTube, you reach the fibre rabbit hole of even more learning!! It's almost April - I'm a bit tempted to sow a plot!!