Monday, November 13, 2017

A Glorious Finish!!

Well Done Jeanne A!
 Happy Monday! I was going to blog today the second half of my free day during teaching at the Bath Textile Summer School this past August....but a student emailed me a picture of her finished basket yesterday, and I just had to share it! I am so proud of everyone in class~ I really hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed teaching....I think I may have indeed successfully spread my love and obsession with early beadwork to a few...planted a few seeds...and I am very much enjoying watching them sprout & grow!

Jan worked very diligently in class and after, and by Friday, had completed her basket frame. It looks fabulous~ so many possibilities!!

 To say I enjoyed my time in England would be a gross understatement... I loved it.  I will forever after now have tea & biscuits for the morning break, and tea and cakes for the afternoon breaks in all my classes. I have to say a special thankyou to Lynne & Michael for providing our gourmet treats...and to the ladies in class for making the tea!

 I must get me a pair of these magnifiers Ladye Mendy is wearing... they look so much better than my miner head gear I wear.

 The basket is a very involved project~ there are over 50 pages in the step by step instructions...too much to ever get done in a four day class focused on working up the Ladye and detached techniques for flowers.  Just about everyone in class got their Lady's torsos worked~ I love this picture~ what a happy group!

  We spent a morning on making peapods~ a common and popular element on many beaded baskets.

 And here is the glorious finished basket of Ladye Jeanne A!  Seeing a finished piece, the first from class, just makes my heart explode with joy! Jeanne said~

Here is the photo of my completed basket!
It may need the odd little 'tweek' but basically is finished. What a challenge it has been but so enjoyable and a sense of achievement. 

I think Jeanne has done a fabulous job~ you can click on it for a larger picture. Shes got plenty of flowers, and a little kitty cat bead...I love her butterfly at the top, and her colors are wonderful. Really, Really~ great job Jeanne~ I'm so proud of you!  I know you said you didn't think you would ever work another basket, but I hope you'll try these techniques on some smaller projects! Thankyou for taking my class~


Barbara Brown said...

Love all the pictures! And, Miss Jeanne, you should be so proud of yourself! You have something truly worthy of being handed down through your family! Lovely work! Now Miss Rachael, you also have something to be proud of, being able to pass your knowledge and love of something on to others and in a way that they can finish a started project by themselves, without hands-on from you. I hope you realize how proud your Dad and I are of you!!! Ly, Mom

pamina said...

What a beautiful lady ! Fantastic finish... and teaching, of course ! Laurence