Saturday, October 01, 2016

New Halloweenies on eBay!

Oct 1st~ Oh Happy Daye!
Can you believe it is October already? 
I cant! If you are itching for a new little companion, and like my punkins.....there are two totally new girls who would love to have a chat & say hello to you on eBay this week! Due to my work load, I honestly doubt I will have time to make any more Halloween dolls before Halloween~

You can find them on my eBay page here, or click the link in the sidebar to my eBay specials!

 I really love Hepsibah above~ she is such a little Diva!  Her banner should really read 'Champagne' as in....'Champagne for the Diva' cause WHOA is she a hoot!   (Its GOT to be that beauty mark of hers....all my dollys with beauty marks tend to have Diva issues.....)

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