Tuesday, August 23, 2016


2016 Santa Fe Indian Market
 You may have noticed there was no Museum Monday post yesterday~ that's because I'm was just too exhausted from attending Indian Market this weekend. It was absolutely fantabulous~ my words and pictures can no way even begin to describe it. Indian Market is held each year on the 3rd weekend in August and encompasses the historic Santa Fe Plaza and ooozes out to surrounding Museums and galleries all around Santa Fe. Just at the Plaza alone this year there was close to 1000 booths, each occupied by outstanding  Native American artists. The prices I thought were quite reasonable, and in alot of cases, on the low side~ total bargains could be had, even on the first day. There was everything from jewelry to sculpture, beadwork, pottery, clothing, knives....flutes and drums~ the Market is the largest in the US, and brings Native Americans from all over the country~ from Alaska & Maine to Florida and California and all parts inbetween.  The person standing there with a smile selling their wares, is the same person who made it, and theres nothing more special than that!  Picture above was while standing in line to order some Navajo fry bread for lunch on Sunday. Here are some pictures of some of my favorite booths~

 Al Chandler brought his expertly painted buffalo hides and drums~
 The top of a gorgeous Navajo wood carving by DuWyane Chee Jr.~ absolutely spectacular~  it was probably 3 foot tall~ carved from a cedar stump

 Beverly Moran standing at her booth~ she is from the  Standing Rock Sioux tribe and is wearing some of her gorgeous traditional beadwork. She said this dress is 44 pounds
 Just as beautiful from the back
 And being a dollmaker, the Growing Thunder booth (Assiniboine/Sioux) was my absolute favorite~ Grandma, Mother & Daughter all selling their gorgeous beadwork at the same time. Joyce, on the left, makes THE most beautiful dolls.....the one on the left sold the first day, and won Best of Show for Beadwork. The doll on the right was $10,000.00 and worth every penny....especially when one realizes it takes Joyce a year to make. Here is a closeup~
I left it BIG so click on it to enlarge it~ just amazing in every sense of the word.

I really loved this katsina painting by David John

  Bronze sculpture by Kathleen Wall~ Jemez Pueblo....

 Sunday was the Traditional Clothing Contest~ I was so busy taking pictures I didnt get their names, I do apologize~ I am hoping the results will be printed soon and I can add them
 It was really interesting to see the differences between the different tribe's clothings~ every little part has a specific meaning and purpose

I was quite impressed with the market this year~ I had never been to it, and always heard what a nightmare the traffic was.... and that everything would be so expensive...but I really wanted to go and am so glad I did. I drove to Santa Fe each morning and arrived at the Plaza around 7am, both days the traffic at that time in the morning was near non existent. The visitors were nice~ from every country in the world I think.....the artists in the booths were extremely nice and personable~ they were all keen to answer questions and chat up your day! There were Native American dancers of all ages and tribes on just about every corner of the Market....Great music and food....just an all out GREAT time to be had~ even if you didnt want to buy a thing.....but if you do appreciate Native American Arts~ there is simply no better place in the world to see them all at the same time!


Patricia said...

I have wanted to go for years. Looking forward to getting there soon!!

Janice Gail said...

I'm sooooo glad you had such a good time! I'm partial to anything New Mexico and wish everyone could enjoy this. I didn't go to Indian Market this year, but have been buying the most wonderful Navajo jewelry all day anyway.

Janet Moyer said...

I love New Mexico and try to visit each summer from California. Santa Fe is wonderful with the Museums and shops. I enjoy Gallup to shop for Indian jewelry. The red buttes as you get close to Gallup are lovely too. I walk with one or two canes and a leg brace and discovered, to my amazement, that Indians of all ages would suddenly appear to hold a door for me. Their courtesy to an elder (me) is much appreciated.
signed: Janet Moyer

Rachael Kinnison said...

Exactly Janet!!