Monday, June 13, 2016

Museum Monday!

Child's Pillowcase, 1st Qtr 19th c , 902.2016.25
  This week's Museum Monday lucky number is 902!  This piece came to live here at the Museum as part of the contents of a trunk that contained wonderful baby things. Not fancy clothing....but an entire trunk of nursery items~ like someone literally walked into the nursery in 1825 and put everything up~ from dresses and baby shirts to pram covers and cushions, blankets and sheets...all hand marked, some with little notes attached. Many things that were kept were everyday use items~ like the sheets and pillowcases, such as this one, which brings one to realize the sad reality these may have been put up because Mamma or baby passed away....
 One may think it strange to have such perfect hand work on such a plain pillowcase, until I remind you that one did not go to town a buy a pillowcase for their pillow....if you wanted one, you made it yourself~ and babies were so precious~ families did not spend the entire time Mother was pregnant making dresses....they also made bedding items and covers.....I mean literally covers for tables, baskets, chairs, beds.....everything!

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