Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Slate Frames of the Olde West.....

Custom Painted Slate Frames, as unique as their owners~
  I just had to share one of my latest custom painted slate frames. To me, it so very exciting! When I think 17th c embroidery, or someone mentions an embroidered casket, I immediately think of the English style embroideries~ kings & queens...stags, flowers and animals. Its my favorite period, but also very English! I was absolutely elated when I was asked to make this frame, to coordinate with the making of a very unique & Early American inspired casket that is in the works. There are bison, screech owls, pine trees and long rifles!
  I love a good challenge as well~ I have never painted a screech owl before, and when designing this frame, I drew out three of them in and amongst Jersey Pines
 I love this frame, it screams 'American' to me~ the long rifles in themselves are very iconic in American history. I added gold accents to what would have been originally brass ornaments on the rifles.

 So much fun to paint~ every little creature became its own little personality~ this buffalo scratching on a tree is my favorite of them all I think
 I say it in every note that I write, and I do mean it with all my heart, that it is truly an honor for me to be trusted to make custom slate frames and thread palette sets for my customers. I put myself in each and every one, in hopes it will bring as much joy as possible when the special recipient uses it.

Beautiful tools are a gift that keeps on giving...speaking of such~ if you would like to give, or get, one in time for Christmas, now is the time to order to be sure I can have it finished on time. As much as I would like help, I am a one person business~ just me, just these two hands!


Barbara Brown said...

LOVE your buffalo! Reminds me of Yellowstone!
LY, Mom

Anonymous said...

Love the owls.