Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ready~ing For a Road Trip!

A Travel case for the Beaded Basket &......
  What a busy summer! Its just flown by and am still busy as ever trying to get all my work caught up before I have to leave again for the Casketeer Get Together in Santa Fe this October. I have all my kits ready & packed, and got the travel case finished for my beaded basket. Well...its kind of finished~ it will eventually be painted, so for now will travel with a sealer only on, until I get the time to paint it later this fall. I made it from a gorgeous piece of quilted maple I got when I went home this summer.

  Finally, traveling in style! No more ugly cardboard box for my basket!  I am working on slate frames this week and since I have had confirmation of some getting to their destinations this week, now I can share them with you! The large frames are so difficult to get a good picture of~ so here are some closer bits of my favorites~
  This frame has swags of my signature roses, purple bows, tassels,  ribbons, needles, bees, bee skeps, jazmins, tiger lilys,  butterflies!!!  Is there room for anything else on here???? perhaps!
  I love the bees skeps and little bees~ there are also little bees buzzing throughout the frame
 Of this frame, the pink & white tiger lilys were my favorite to paint, they really came out awesome

 I am really having so much fun painting frames~ who would have thought I would ever paint pirates & skeletons on a frame~ but I have, and are they ever cute!  Well...not cutsie cute....but not scary either...

 There are dancing skeletons on the verticals, and I love the skeleton I Painted just lounging in a tree!

 For the Pirate theme frame I was challenged with, I chose to focus on the treasure, as that was what my customer pointed out was one of her favorite things. I painted the entire frame like a map, working from a 17th c example. There is a compass, a ship, a 'sea monster', and of coarse a treasure chest.  I did mark where the treasure is buried on the map.......but thats a secret!
 For a little something special, because this customer just happened to order my very first frame, and has since ordered several, I gilt her treasures in real 24k gold.  I do so appreciate each and every order~ I cannot thank everyone enough for their kind enthusiasm and support of my work~ you have bought the school clothes for this year, put supper on our table and brought some very special pieces to the Museum's collection this year.  I hope I can continue to grow and get better at all that I do~ and Hey! Dont forget~ you can see my Halloweenies in this months new issue of Prims magazine!


Barbara Brown said...

The frames are gorgeous! The flowers and bees are so pretty, but....I LOVE the skeletons and the "treasure" would tempt any Pirate!! :-)
LY, Mom

charlotte2 said...


I have found the treasure x marks the spot.