Sunday, July 12, 2015

Slate Frames

Thistle Threads Double Casket Panel Placement
 I have had alot of emails asking what size of frame will fit what~
...a medium frame will fit the Thistle Threads Door'd Mirror.
...a large frame will fit the Thistle Threads Fancy Mirror.
 As for caskets~ well it all depends on how you prefer to stitch, and how large of a frame you are comfortable stitching on. I have traced templates for all the panels of a Thistle Threads double casket  and laid them out in my slate frames to show one way they could be arranged. I like to stitch all panels of a project at once, so I can have continuity of threads/colors. I especially like to stack an entire side at least, so it sits on the frame just how it would sit on the casket~ this keeps you from going hog wild on one panel, and then go off an a tangent and have it not meld in some way with the other panels once finished.   IF you like to stitch on smaller frames, all the panels for a double can be arranged on 2 medium frames, and one small one, as shown in the above and below photos
  If you want to get everything on one frame, all should fit on a large with it extended out to its maximum size.

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