Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pretty Casket Scent Bottles!

Always Keeping Ones Eyes Peeled......

  Because you just never know what you may find one day!  I wasn't looking for them...they kind of found me...  Arent they wonderful!????  I think first decade 1900, but they could be a little earlier, their caps have several hallmarks so I just need to get the time to look them up. They are a matched pair of wonderful little cut glass scent bottles
  And how could I tell the God's of Providence no, they even have my initial "K" engraved on the sterling caps!!!!!!!!
 Each cap screws off to reveal an inner ground glass stopper. Whatever was once in this one still smells absolutely devine~ which is why I didn't wash out this bottle!
 If you are looking for antique scent bottles for your casket~ do notice the difference between the flat top and double casket compartment sizes~ the flat top's are way deeper so you can fit taller bottles in that one. Here are my bottles in the double casket~
 And here are same bottles pictured in the flat top~ you can see they fit well beneath the top of the tho I had my flat top in mind when I bought these, I will use them in the double.
 Not only did I find a wonderful set of antique scent bottles, I have also been collecting antique trims~ I will use the gilt over silver tape on my flat top~ and when I found the trim in the very front here, I nearly fell over~ bought the entire card. Its a near exact match to our interior tape trim~ this varies between 6-7mm wide.  Its very early 18th c or before, cotton woven with 2 wide silver plate strips and to each side of that 2 narrow silver threads~ looks much like elizabethan twist. The card itself too is so full of character,  it was completely wrapped in paper and it wasnt until I had all the trim off to measure, that I realized it is a single wide slab of hand sawn wood  :::swooon:::::

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Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

O Rachael, you certainly have and eye for finding the un-findable for the rest of us ~ I need to keep my eyes more peeled ~ where on earth did you find all those gorgeous trims? xoxoxo R