Saturday, February 14, 2015

Painted Ladies of Stumpwork

My Flora~
  The interest in my Flora Ladye has caught me by surprise~ I have received so many wonderful emails~ thankyou!   I had not planned on showing her again until she was merrily finished within her cartouche on the top of my flat top casket...but she was a bit embarrassed at the thought of her photo with no makeup on being on the blog for so here she is after paint and glaze. I have been working on my glaze & technique to refine it a bit, especially for the small stumpwork figures to make the crackles extra tiny to match~ to not really be noticeable until one looks closely. Here she is in a bit of a shadow with the light hitting just right to really bring them out, head on they are much more mellow
  I can see her with her hair and flowers in my mind, and must say, I am very excited about her and think she is going to be FAB~U ~LOUS!

 And here is my little mermaid Tao~(short for Taromina)....when I lived in Sicily I went every chance I got, just to hang out and soak up the atmosphere...not to mention kind people, wonderful food~ if there is a Heaven on earth....its probably Taormina. Anyway~ here she is~ her tail will be all stumpwork, as will her hair. I added a little finial to her mirror last night~ a weensie natural seed pearl and bit of coral.  Being Valentine's Day today, I have to wonder if she is dreaming of some wiley~ bo hunk merman as she is gazing into her mirror........
  Speaking of the 'V' Day today~ I hope yours is wonderful~ tho in my opinion, I don't need one specific day of the year to tell someone I love them...I do it and show it every day!   XOXOXOXOX

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Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

Girls are looking even more gorge! What better day than V day to put on a little bit of lippy ~ tee hee~ now I am seeing sketching in the background ~ oh my oh my ~ I wanna see more ~ feel like a little kid trying to peek over the counter ~~~~