Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas from my Daughter

A Christmas Biscuit
  A gift from my daughter for Christmas!  She bought her a little girl, and, well, a person just cant have one puppy.....so she gave me this little fellow~ I named him Biscuit.  He is a chihuahua and terrier mix,  just 7 weeks old today, born on the 28 of October.  
Tried to find him a coat in town, but no one had anything small enough, so I bought a pair of socks and made him a lil make do jacket. Did we need another puppy????  No. But golly, who is going to say no to a gift of Love on Christmas?  

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Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

Just too cute for words Rachael...wonder how long before he decides to unwrap those parcels under the tree a little early!!!