Thursday, August 21, 2014

Padded Mirror Case Class Questions

I have been getting alot of questions about the case and so wanted to share some of the popular ones here for those who want to ask, but havent yet!

1. step by step instruction~ YES!  By step by step, I mean, STEP. by STEP from opening the box and pulling the case out of it, to beadwork, design, papering the inside and outside, linings, installing mirror and hardware~ EVERYTHING!!   
 1a. The step by step instruction is obtained thru a private online blog, which you will  be able to read after your case is purchased ( I must add you ). You can zoom along, or crawl, at your own pace~ THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT FOR FINISHING.  I have been posting the steps as I have been going along.
2. Aside from the lining and finishing instructions, the working instruction is for BEADWORK, tho I have  ladies working their cases in regular stumpwork
3. Deviation from my printed pattern is ENCOURAGED!!!
4. Antique Beads are NOT INCLUDED, *BUT*, I do provide sources for you to acquire them, I myself provide a search service if you are looking for something real particular, and YES~ I DO SELL some of my weensie antique beads in the bead shop on the 'For The Ladye' blog, which is the class blog.
5. All hardware and MIRROR are included with the case~ you may choose to have me antique your mirror at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
6. Yes, this is a great smaller project~ its very basic in form, perfect to practice papering and getting your interior finishing skills down before moving on to a more elaborate box with drawers and all sorts of nooks and crannies. The total elapsed time for mine was 27 April 2014~ 19 Aug 2014....I have four children, a high school senior graduation and summer trip, making case carcasses and my doll business all figuring in within that time frame, so it really does work up quick
7. It takes me apx 1 month from start to finish to make a case, YES~ they are hand made by ME, only ME, one at a time in solid Pine and Ash
8. Shipping is not included in initial purchase price, when I finish your case, you will then be billed exact shipping to your locale~ 
9. Do I offer Layaway? YES!!  I have no set sched~ whatever works for you, can work for me as well~ just let me know what you have in mind.

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