Tuesday, April 08, 2014

17th c Padded Mirror Case Finishing Instructions

Detailed Instruction!

   For those who have purchased a padded mirror case, I am setting up a new dedicated blog that I will be posting detailed instructions for finishing the case onto as I complete my own.  Can we say FUN!?  YES!!!

I will still post progress pictures here, but only those who purchase a mirror case will have access to the mirror blog. It will be in progression, with detailed step by step photos and instruction  for

*gilding/ applying gold leaf
*papering the outside & inside
*inside silk linings and tufted paddings
*how to choose trims & types of trims
*how to choose the right period correct marbled paper pattern
*ground fabrics
*applying your finished embroidery to the top & face
~ and since I am beading mine~
*3 dimensional padded beadwork 
*beaded figural stumpwork (people)
*laid/couched beadwork
*wired edge Twilling  (the technique used in my beaded basket)
~ and I'm sure plenty more!~

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait! This is the perfect project to make you feel like a true 17th century princess.