Thursday, January 23, 2014

Queen Anne Doll on eBay this week!

Stubborn as a Mule & on eBay this week!

  Wrestling Heart~ she certainly does live up to her name. It is known all girls of society and grace simply must must must have their heads covered at all times!  But no! all I hear is
  ' please Mum~ I hate wearing that bonnet!!!! Please don't make me wear it~ it makes my head itch horrible and now Jacob thinks I have the lice!!! Do you even know how embarrassing that is????'
  What to do when they are so cheeky...and one such as I am feeling such under the weather....  I let her have her way of coarse~ she is on eBay this week so please click on the eBay specials to see super huge detailed pictures of her wooden legs....latchett tie shoes....and that horrible silk brocade bonnet she hates so much!

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