Monday, October 14, 2013

Say Hello~

My new little helper.....

  Its no secret, I do absolutely adore babies!  I am so excited to get to introduce you to my newest little helper~ well, shes not new, but new to the blog. Her name is Livy, shes 22" and nearly 6 pounds, what a little cherub!  She is absolutely the most mild mannered newborn I have ever had pleasure to hold~

  She is just wonderful~ doesn't wing her arms around constantly...doesn't want to chew and put everything in her mouth, and best of all, NO drooling!!!  She is just perfect to help bring the baby clothing here at the Museum to life for you all~
 I am sure you would agree, this last quarter 18th c baby gown looks much more cunning on her than it does flat. Of coarse I always take the utmost care when mounting any of the textiles for display, which is why my new little Livy mannequin is so very special, I have been looking for years for newborn forms and there just aren't any great or even realistic ones to pick from.  Livy & her brother Benjamin are so excited to be at your service~ so stay tuned to the blog for some special things coming soon!

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Barbara Brown said...

Cool!!! Does this mean I'm a Grandma again??? :-)
LY, Mom