Thursday, April 28, 2011

Museum 2011 Fundraiser & Drawing~

Not only is it that time of year, its past that time of year, I'm just slow at getting the new thermometer up! You will see it in the sidebar on the right, and has been tallied retro-actively. When we reach the top, I will hold the drawing, and this year, the premium will be a 12" Queen Anne type dollye of the winners choice~ as in, YES, a custom sculpted dollye just for them :)

Keeping my things here in tip top shape and stored properly is a difficult, and expensive task. Proper storage is just as important, if not more so, than display, in order to keep our precious bits of history around for future generations to study and learn from. Isn't the photo above captivating? This is the eye of one of my most coveted early wooden dolls here at the Museum~ she is a very early 18th century, possibly late 17th century, wooden fashion mannequin, sometimes referred to as the all elusive "Pandora Doll". Wooden dolls are extremely environmentally sensitive, as the wood, tho very old, still will expand and contract with changes in temperature & humidity. This year I am aiming high for a new climate control unit from Micro Climate Technologies in Toronto, the MCG4. I will be able to install this unit in my large glass display case, which will be the new permanent home for the early wooden above, as well as several others.

You can help bring a new MCG4 unit to the gallery by making any Diamond K Folk Art purchase, or by clicking the donate button in the sidebar~ please, please, do consider it. Every 25.00 in donation or purchase will earn one entry into the giveaway drawing. Words cannot express my gratitude to my readers, patrons and visitors. I am blessed, humbled and honored to care and share whatever I can, of our heritage with anyone who wishes to learn & be inspired.

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