Saturday, July 17, 2010

My deepest Heartfelt Thanks

I have gotten so many wonderful emails about my dolls, I just wanted to say thankyou all so very much. It means the world to me, to be able to share my love of dollys, and things of olde, with others that are touched by them, the same way I am. We are all kindred spirits~

I would also like to apologize for all the different steps one must go thru, just to leave a comment~ sometimes it seems no matter how many screens one goes thru, the comment just wont stick on there. The obscene and insensitive spammers have made it harder for all of us~ I wanted to share some emails that I have received just recently, that touched my heart especially~

From Trevette H~

"Dear Rachael, Your Halloween offerings are stunning, breathtaking, magical!!! You're a superb artist who always creates divine enchantments! Oh, I can't say enough, I just love your exquisite beauties.....Oh, meant to say tho i loved everything to night, my favorites are the calendar and the amazing wee birdcage. It must be fun being you, creating unique and fantastic works of art! "

and from Janie P~

"I just had to write you this month to say "WOW". You have outdone yourself with this first item, the display piece. It is stunning and so well thought out. I'll never be able to own a piece of your work, but I appreciate all the time, thought and talent you have put into your work. I am in awe.

The second piece, the lady with the baby is also wonderful. I can remember when I first started seeing this type of dolls, and I didn't understand or appreciate them. But I have learned, and enjoy seeing your particular style, resembling pumpkins, as some of the best.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. You are "Simply the Best"! "

and from Rick L~

"Lydia arrived safe & sound yesterday. Wow, she's a real stunner...!!!
I bought her for my girlfriend as a gift. She has a pretty impressive collection of antique dolls, animals, and other stuff, and was so impressed with Lydia she is now seated right at the front with her most valued dolls. Her details and quality are really impressive. She's way nicer in person that any photo could convey....You are one heck of a fine artist...!!!
Thanks so much for the fast shipping and little goodies accompanying her. "

Thankyou, Dear Friends!

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