Friday, February 26, 2010

What a Wicked Girl............."AKA~Prims Mystery Giveaway"

So as I was saying, I am in utter disbelief, that someone from my own hands has done me so wrongly....well, not only myself, but a dear dear girl that is in herself so innocent a undeserving of the end to which she was the object......but what can anyone do when they are dealt so many lemons at once, than to make a marvelous pitcher of lemonade, and then to drink it all down with a we have decided to make our own little party of all this rubbish....Mifs XXXXX and I, and to the winner, I will make up a special little pin dolly~ just for them~ with their choice of style and hair and dress~ much fun to be had for sure! So what must a person do to participate in our little party? See page 32 in the upcoming premier issue of "Prims" by Stampington & Co.~ you will find us there, and then comment HERE on this post, two things~ WHAT you think the horrid dastible trick was that was played....and WHO played it! I have comments on moderate, so you will not see them until I post the correct answer on April 15th~ all of those who get it right, will go into a little basket, and Pip will draw out a winner! Sound like fun? I think it does!

As for the mischievous one who has been so horribly naughty.... I am still setting her punishment. Rest assured, it will be swift and sure, and most definitely something she will loathe to endure

As for me, the taxes are finished, a few more deadlines have been met, and so shortly I will be posting about the Fundraiser Giveaway for this year... setting the thermometer in the sidebar, adding info about the new Referral Rewards Program, and getting back into the groove of things~ I hope! I am quilting about 6-8 hours a day on the Baltimore now, hoping to meet my deadline for that, and in between, feeding this little guy his bottle 4 times a day! He lost his mamma at just 2 weeks, and is so hungry and FRISKY all the time~ a little Simmental bull that husband hopes to keep for breeding~ we shall see. One thing is for certain, I was not keen on having to bottle feed him from the start, but his big ol brown eyes and those loooong wispy eyelashes tend to grow on a person! Spring is definitely on its way~ I see it coming and cant wait for this snow to end!


Theresa said...

Racheal... I'm so sorry to hear that one of your girls has been bad... I hope she didn't mess up the photo shoot to badly. I look forward to getting my Prims magazine and seeing what happened (I pre ordered a issue). Anyway the giveaway sounds like fun. Also congratulation on being in the new Prims magazine... it looks wonderful already from the sneak peaks I've seen. :0)

SweetAnnee said...

Sounds interesting..

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thankyou Theresa~ you are most definately on the right track! I got my issue on the mail this past weekend, and I must say, it is FABULOUS! I am so honored to be included~ it is a feast for the eyes to be sure
xoxoxoxo rachael