Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are you all Ready?

One Potata........Two Potata...........

First, I must say a very sincere THANKYOU to all of you who come to read the BLOG, and who support the Museum thru your very kinde & generous donations and purchase of my dolls & folk art. I could not do what I do, WITHOUT YOU. With the support of my patrons, we all can do a little to help save our past material culture from being lost, and to preserve it for future generations to study & enjoy.

I love the above daguerreotype, c1855-60. Just look at those children~ literally 'dripping in money', as my Grandmother would say. The finest clothes, the girl with her dollye, the boy holding the string to his pull toy~ a magnificent paddle~wheel boat. Their parents have paid the daguerreotypist to come to their home to make the picture, their posh floor cloth can clearly be seen, as well as the wooden baseboard behind the children's feet and at the base of one heck of an amazing painted mural. I wonder how many of their friends dreamed of paying them a visit to come and play???

Enough dreaming already! It is time for my 2008 Fundraiser giveaway! Sometime this week I will be drawing the name of the lucky winner of a dollye....all who previously donated this year, or have made a Diamond K Folk Art purchase are entered! Keep checkin back to see who the lucky winner is~

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!


CARole said...

hello dear Rachael. Congratulations on reaching your goal of $5000!! Thank you so much for that very informative info on the little child's purse. The person I purchased it from didn't know anything about it. You are a sweetie to tell me. Now I will change the description.
Happy day

Kingfisher Farm said...

Hey Rachel, did you get that pic from Carole? It sold for 6 k. she and I were watching it a few years ago, and I too kept a copy. It was taken by Capitol galleries in Springfield Il, so imagine, they may have known the Lincolns. Pam

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thanks Pam for stopping by & for the photo credit~ It is a magnificent little window into the past~ wish I could CLIMB IN!~ R