Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting what I asked for.............

aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Look at this! What a mess! Yes, I am totally getting what I asked for. More patience. Yes. Need more patience...much more. ::::sigh::::: The above mess is what comes from using too large of beads on too small of knitting. It looked, not bad, h-i-d-e-u-o-s! I knew when I knit the first bead the beads were going to be too large, but thought, I can make it work. Nope. They are size 15/0, but still way too large for knitting on 6 ought needles. This ball is the only ball of this thread I have, so I unraveled the whole lot, over a weeks worth of knitting, and am going to start over. Have already sorted out those beads and ironed the kinks out of my ready to try again

This time, I am going to use my antique beads, that range in size from 18/0 to 22/0~ very very small. I didn't use them in the first place because I liked the uniformity of the modern made Miyuki beads, and they came in so many pretty colors! The early tiny antique beads are so hard to come by, and so expensive...but I have picked some pretty colors, and going to try and try again until I do it! Above, you can see the larger Miyuki beads, and the amber color bead center front, is an antique one~ quite a bit smaller

With the smaller outer diameter, comes also the smaller hole in the middle, but I think my thread will pass thru at least once, which is all it has to do the way I knit. The rose color bead is the Miyuki, and you can see how small the antique ones are behind it~ they look like microscopic caviar.

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Barbara said...

Oh Well, just think of all the pretty little necklaces your dollies will get from all those pretty little beads that are too big for your knitting! :-)
LY, Mom