Friday, February 03, 2012

Beads & More beads!!!
Aren't they beautiful? I love beads~ these are tiny! not as tiny as my 22/0 antique seed beads, but still really REALLY small~ they are size 15/0, about 25 per inch strung. These are modern made Japanese glass beads, and I chose them for my knitting because they have a bit larger hole for my thread to pass thru, and, they are all very uniform in size. Did you catch that, that I said knitting???? Yes, I really am that crazy

I have been working on the other side of my little knit Quaker pin ball, and have chosen a wonderful late 18th c design I will be working in beads for it. When knitting with beads, they are strung on first in order, so that whilst knitting, when you need one, just just slip one up and knit it in as you go~ I think the colors look so pretty, really nothing like what the finished design is going to look like~ what do you think my design is, by looking at the beads all strung ready to be knit???

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Janice Moore-Petty said...

Just gorgeously yummy Rachel!