Saturday, April 09, 2011

And then there were.....SEVEN! Spring is here, officially at our little farm. Mamma Meisie popped out twins last evening at 7.30...I had been out sitting with the girls alot yesterday, and we talked about this.....and of coarse, the second I come in to get supper on, a neighbor driving up the canyon stops to say " you know you have twins?". typical. They are big and healthy
2 boys. hopping and jumping around like popcorn this morning.

Mamma Kate, my sweetie, has been so uncomfortable as of late, could hardly get up or down, stumping around so stiff....reminded me of right before I had Pip...she started at 10pm, and around 1am we had triplets. Of coarse, this time, things didn't go so smooth, and I had to help, but the end result was all for good~ and Tressa was so excited

First we had just a hoof, just one, not two, and as much as I could feel, I felt no head, no other leg...just SO much parts and pieces all in there tied in a big knot. We had one hoof for just about 2 hours, when Kate was in much distress, as was I, I felt the baby had to have been dead, and so out she pushed & I pulled, SIDEWAYS, bent in a U...and that little bugger got straight up and is just as healthy as her brother & sister~ GOD BLESS!

Directly after, out came 2 hoofs and a head, except when it too became stuck and wouldn't budge, I realized that it was a front leg, and a back leg, so back in they went, and as soon as I straightened them out, out they came, well...not exactly as quick as a rocket, but pretty close. And in just a few minutes, we had 3 screaming little kids, small, but all happy and really mobile... they were up and about alot quicker than Meisie's were.

Here she is, the 'Sidewinder' I have named all of Kate's family are named after movie stars, and all that kept coming to mind was Gene Wilder in the Frisco Kid, with his 'Sidewinder'.....

And here are our anxious onlookers~ been sitting here plastered to the fence all night, wanting to know whats going on! Lumpy, little Dixie, Yetti and his boy 'Jack'....who is almost as big as his Mamma Blanket who is out of the picture.

~ ~Welcome Welcome little Strangers~


Margaret said...

What fun!
The babies are so cute!

Pam said...

Well, Rachael Kinnison, Midwife!!! They are glad they're all ok and doing well! I wanna' come play with them!


Theresa said...

Rachael the kids are soooooo cute... I'm glad all went well.