Monday, March 14, 2011

TDIPT Mercantile update tonight, 7pm CST

Did you all here in the USA, well minus Arizona...remember to set your clocks ahead yesterday? I hope so :) I am so ready for spring! Just a wee little update this evening, one dollye and the very first of my new tiles~ do you see it in the picture above????
Ohh I am certainly addicted to making these~ if I had a kiln, I would be making them in porcelain, (I want some for my bathroom!) but since I don't, I have done them up in mache~ these really are special, and I am so excited to share them with you all. I hand press them from antique springerle cookie molds and presses~ I have been collecting the modern reproductions for quite a few years and they really are special~ all reproductions of early hand carved cookie molds dating back to the 1600's. I hand paint each, and glaze them to make them each unmistakeably 'Diamond K Folk Art'! This one I am offering this evening is a c1820 Beidermeier Garden Ladye, and she is quite large~ almost 4"x6", not including her hanger. These look wonderful hanging on a cupboard door~ I have painted this one to resemble my favorite powder blue Wedgwood.

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