Monday, August 24, 2009

Simple & Amazing Pleasures.....

Ok....its not a secret that it doesn't take much to interest and amuse my clan~ I am very proud that my own children take such great pleasure and interest in the smallest things, and last night, when we went out to shut up the chicken pen, we just had to go get the children to come out and see this amazing little stick bug! I have never before seen one in real life, and it was so exquisite~ so delicate! I have no idea what the real name of this little creature is, 'stick bug' is good enough for us!

The children are in their pj's cause it was after their bedtime.....but did they care? Out of the house they zoomed to see a precious little bug. My husband had it in his hand, but it couldn't seem to grip skin too well, so it leaped onto Emma, and really liked her fuzzy jammies

Tressa and I were snapping up pictures while it posed for us...even lil Pip brought out her play camera to take his, or her picture! Its a good thing it was on the outside of the window, otherwise the chickens would have had it for supper! I hope we get to see another, as this was really an amazing little creature.


CARole said...

Hi Rachael. I know many would say, ouw, a bug! but I can appreciate an interesting bug too. LOL I am trying to look behind lil Pip to see you too. I see you hiding back there.

Rachael Kinnison said...

Good Morning Carole!
Ha HA!! NOPE! That is my husband holding her up outside, and I am in with the chickens takin her picture :) I can say, that I do not really ""like"" many bugs....if you want to see me screech like a banchee, just wait until a grasshopper jumps on me....BUT, some little bugs are very intereting to me, and golly, I think this little stick bug is my all time favorite bug, even over a ladye beetle!
xoxoxo rachael