Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a little farm living....

We have been SO busy~ life has been so busy! I am ready to hibernate for the winter....of which all the signs are telling me will be a hard one this year. I love this picture I took of Emma the other day~ went out and picked some corn for our supper~ She has a whole new look about her now that she has finally grown in her 2 front teeth! She was all summer without them~ I was kind of starting to wonder if they would ever make their arrival!
EGGS for sale! Anyone need eggs? Getting over a dozen a day now, after our recent bear attacks, I am down to just 17 hens. I love my girls and we all spoil them~ in return, one of my Rhode Island Reds throws me 'snake eyes'~ I think this one looks like 2 lil butt cheeks as they're coming out of the egg~ :)
And here is our latest happening..........2008 has really NOT been a goode year to us~ I will be happy when it is o*v*e*r. Thursday night last, Josh was just hopping off his bed, slipped on the carpet and fell~ broke his elbow poor little guy! We were up in Pueblo yesterday getting his cast put on~ Emma came home from school today and said everyone was 'like a swarm of bees' around him wanting to sign his cast. Im already having to 'remind' him every 15 minutes to settle down and get his arm back in the sling~ hes just a ball of energy all the time. I would expect to get a call from school that he broke something in gym or on recess.....or one of the days that I catch him and his sister doing head stand jumps off the couch.........but nope~ just getting off his bed! geeze. My cup runneth over~ NO MORE PLEASE!


Barbara said...

Looks like Emma got her Christmas present early....(All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!) I figured Josh wouldn't have any spaces left for you to add "Grandma and Grandpa" on his new cast after his first day at school with it. Eggs look yummy as well as the corn and onion. Can't beat home grown stuff! Well, most home grown stuff. Tell the kids I'm going to come down there and "beat" the next one who breaks a bone!!
LY, Mom

Christie said...

I've enjoyed my visit to your blog and can sympathize with the trials and tribulations of keeping chickens safe and the joy of a few good eggs.

SweetAnnee said...

You are so right..you need no more!!

I believe it will be a HARD winter..the nuts and berries are
just so plentiful here.

Your garden vegetables look awesome..
love to you, Deena

Love the pilgrims too!!!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oh man, he broke his elbow? The poor thing. But he did pick out a cool color for his cast!
What a precious pic of Emma with the armful of corn!
The wild coydogs we have around in these parts is what keeps me from having chickens. Although I would love to be surprised with a double cheeked egg! Man, that one "cracked" me up!! :> )