Monday, June 09, 2008

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a WONDERFUL day! Dr. unwrapped Tressa's leg on Saturday morning for a peek, and was very pleased. This morning, he took a second look, and said we could GO HOME! Words just cannot express how both of us felt at that moment! Nearly all her skin graft attached~ there is an area in the center and to the bottom that has sluffed away, but that will gradually fill in by itself. She will be doing at home exactly what she was doing in hospital~ strict bed rest, only getting up to go to the bathroom with her crutches, and keeping her leg elevated. She is on keflex 4x a day, and we will go back to the Dr in a week for him to check her progress. 25 days in hospital, and we are HOME at 11 am this morning!!!! WOO HOOO! I took the above picture right after the Dr left, and she was doing the happy dance in bed!

Nurse Linda is wheeling her out to the car...she doesn't look the least bit happy does she? The whole drive home, she kept saying~ 'wow~ look at that!'.....when we went in hospital, the trees were not yet budded out even, and now everything is, as Tressa says, "All Green and Fuffy"

On our way!

She managed not to cry until we drove up the driveway, me~ I cried all the way home! Tears of J*O*Y*
We are having a big BBQ & party tonight to celebrate~ going to hold the pinata up over the couch so she can wack it....we got her her own bottle of sparkling grape 'champagne' and goblets to cheer her homecoming, tons of food, cake, ice cream and pie! Thankyou all SO much for your cards and gifts and emails~ CHEERS to a perfect day! xoxoxo Rachael


Cyndi said...

OH, RACHAEL!!! I'm sooooooooooooo happy for all of you!!! It's about time!!! Your family can finally be together and happy!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome home, Tressa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christine LeFever said...

Oh but this is fabulous news! I am SO happy for all of you there in Tressa land, and I cried too for that dear little lady as she was able to see her home again! Yay hooray!!!!!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!

Patti Gagliardi said...

I'm so happy for all all of you!!!! How wonderful!!! As Dorothy said, "There is no place like home!!!!" As a Mom, now you can sleep at night knowing your family is together...

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Welcome Home Tressa! And hugs to you, Rachael! We've been thinking of you every day.


Lana said...

Oh Rach! I'm so happy for your family! Please tell Tressa we've been praying for her.

Dixie Redmond said...

I'm so glad Tressa was able to come home!

Suzanne said...

Rachael, I read through all your posts about Tressa. What an ordeal your family has been through, but I'm so glad it has a happy outcome!
Hope it was a perfect day of celebration for your whole family.

SweetAnnee said...

I was here a few days ago...saw Tress was home..Oh happy happy joy joy.
I see SHE was moved to tears..Thank God she's home
and hope she's doing GREAT

SweetAnnee said...

Hey Rachael..tis wonderful she is home and so happy..What a great day
for all of you

and what lovely pics of your lil gal
in all her regal dressing!