Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Surgery #2

Today started out just like the past 2 weeks...waiting for the Dr to make his early morning rounds so I could see for myself if Tressa's leg looks any better. He came in at around 8am, and it looked sooooooo much worse than yesterday. yuk. He said surgery again today, but since she was throwing up this morning, we had to wait a bit for that to stop. Her meds seem to make her stomach upset every few days. She was finished with her surgery by 4 pm, and this time Dr took out everything that was infected, or looked infected, or was close to the infection, all the way down to her muscle. I have very HIGH hopes that this will be it! We will be RID of this nasty beast of whatever it is, as it is still unknown. If she starts to heal and all goes well, she could be ready for her last surgery in as early as a week! He will take a skin graft from her upper thigh and use that to cover over the missing area of her calf. All will be well. THANKYOU so much for all your thoughts and well wishes~ we appreciate them so very much

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Cyndi said...

Rachael, I'm sooo glad he did a more thorough excavation of her wounded leg. It just makes sense. I couldn't understand why he hadn't done this in the first place! Of course Tressa's leg couldn't heal properly before, not with bad tissue around it! I'm praying for you all and think about you all the time. I hope you and Tressa feel more HOPE and can raise your own sore spirits to heal. I love you. Cyndi