Monday, January 21, 2008

Red Hair....Tantrums..... & Country Bunnies!

Do they have anything in common? Well, probably not, except I have had my fill of all today! Remind me, please, never again to make a dolly with RED hair. My son Josh has red hair, and on occasion, we are 'graced' with his ever so red I would say I'm a connoisseur of the red hair temper.....but NOT from one of my own dollys! Sometime last evening past, Mifs Penelope Pringle decided she no longer liked the hair we had both agreed upon. I told her that her hair was very becoming, and was special because it was a reproduction of a real antique Queen Anne's hair. This did not work. We both went to bed rather displeased with the other, and I had thought, that after she slept on it, she would see things my way when she awoke this AM. I was soooo wrong.

Can we say shrieking???? To begin~muttering words most unladylike under her breath....only to begin shouting and throwing things all about. She had all the lids off the boxes that I keep 'dressing' supplies in thrown all over the floor.....bits and flouffs of hair & silke ribbons were flying everywhere~ if she would have thrown herself on the floor and began to kick and scream I would not have been any more surprised. I cant believe what a spoiled girl she is! I have created a MONSTER! I wont go into the nasty details....but after seeing her head shaved BALD....she did get a new Pompadour do......and in no other color than~ RED!

The boy's ~ Hogarth & Cruikshank....they were so frightened they dare not come out of hiding! Hogarth just couldn't take it any longer, and had to cover his eyes! LOL


Barbara said...

Oh, MY!!! Tell that Mfs. Pringle you'll put her nose in the corner if she ever does that again!! Do we get to see her new "do"?
Poor bunnies.....can't wait to see them, too! You'll have to lure them out of hiding with a bunch of carrots and maybe you can get a quick picture of them porking out! Ha! Ha!
LY, Mom

Judy said...

Maybe Mfs. Pringle should be told about the "bad" Mamas out there that love to adopt ornery little dolls!! Bet she would adapt to that red hair quite quickly. (I always found a "hug" can usually cure a "tantrum")

Bluejean Primitives said...

Sounds like you handled that Red Headed Lady in the classic Rachael fashion! LoL!

Jean :)