Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Special Christmas Queen Anne Dolly, Mifs Penelope Pringle,
Wishes you all a most Merry Christmas! I think I will name her in charge of the decorations on Olde English.....she has already re~arranged the tin candle tree's tapers~ none of them fit right and she gets so befuddled when one starts to tilt. She has convinced me to change them out with some wonderfully aged hand dipped ones in a dreamy Christmas red color, so we have some on order, soon to arrive in the post. Isn't it funny the things a person can look forward to!


Christine LeFever said...

Penelope Pringle does not have ridges. Oh wait, that's Pringles Potato chips. I goofed.

Your Penelope is a rather fancy Queen Anne Lady dressed in her Holiday red and most alluring.

As usual, you are remarkable!

Christine LeFever said...

I am back to say that Pringle is a very noble and old name and that dear, little Mifs Penelope Pringle very likely descends from a very fine line of gentlemen farmers.

I love that you are enjoying the quiet and the twinkles. I am going to do that too!


Barbara said...
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SweetAnnee said...

She is most lovely..and would be a wonderful Christmas dolly under anyone's tree..
fondly, Deena

Barbara said...

I did a whoops and had to delete one! Sorry. Was just going to say she's adorable and would certainly be any "Cupid's" sweety, too!
Love you, Mom

April said...

WOW Rachel! I think that you are truly my favorite artist! I have always been in awe of your dolls

Wendy said...

Oh Rach...your dolly is Gorgeous! As always! Your'e the Queen of Queen Anne's :)

Sandra Evertson said...

I'm in Love!
She is Manifique!
Lovely blog too!
Sandra Evertson