Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Introducing.......Mifs May~Bell Merriweather

A special One of a Kind hand sculpted mache Queen Anne doll, c1780. 16.5" tall
My precious is so happy to meet you all~ I hope you enjoy her. She is dressed c1780, with reproduction of a real fall front gown, in a wonderful poppyseed colour 100% silke. Entirely hand stitched, with antique lace sleeve ruffles, around her neckline, and for her apron. She wears fawn brown stripe linen pointed toe shoes with real leather soles....that yes, do come on and off. Her dress ties up the front, and around the waist, and is made as a miniature, that also is removable. Under her bodice you will find a stomacher made of real wood, for stiffening. Her coiffure is real mohair, so pretty topped with a simple plum ribbon. 'Round her neck & wrist you will find a sring of antique metal steel cuts, that sparkle just like diamonds, and are reflected true against
her early antique brown glass eyes. A little whisp of antique mull for her kerchief, and she is ready to out~ she's a talker!
See her lil antique steel cuts~ no proper little mifs can be seen in public without the 'bling'....

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Lana said...

Oh wow Rach! If only I had lots of $$!!! lol!

She's a real beauty!